Our Membership
Membership is open to all Christian schools in New Hampshire who subscribe to our Statement of Faith and pay the annual dues.

Additional information is available through Granite State Christian Schools,
           c/o Tri-City Christian Academy,
           150 W. High Street,
           Somersworth, New Hampshire    03878
Granite State
Christian Schools
                          Our Objectives
         To provide leadership for Christian schools in New Hampshire.
         To provide in-service training for Christian Schools.
         To provide a newsletter to GSCSA member schools.
         To provide information regarding state and national legal matters.
         To provide a liason between the association and the Non-Public School
               Advisory Council, the state legislature, and other state agencies.
         To promote inter-school activities and cooperation.
         To promote public awareness and understanding of Christian Schools in New
         To foster and share ideas in curriculum development.
         To assist in the development of new Christian schools in New Hampshire.
                     Our Purpose
The purpose of the Granite State Christian Schools Association is to promote Christian Education by providing organization and leadership to foster communication and cooperation among Christian Schools in New Hampshire.

The association seeks to serve the cause of Christ by strengthening Christian schools.  In doing so we desire to support believers, families and local churches.
          Our Statement of Understanding
It is understood that the association does not intend to present a forum to allow members to promote certain doctrinal distinctives about which there may be an honest difference of opinion among believers.  We desire to promote the common interests of member schools and to cooperate in helping to improve Christian education in New Hampshire.
"That in all things God may be glorified"
This page was last updated on: January 10, 2014
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